An hour north of L.A., in the mountains outside Santa Paula, CA, rests a beautiful 70 acres of lush farm land that is home to Healthy Family Farms.

The organic, sustainably harvested farm and ranch is another example of the 'old fashioned' way of working with nature, rather than against it.

Volunteer work done at the ranch, by Ryan and others, helps to promote an increase in healthy and environmentally conscious local farming.

It is a true working facility, which sends product locally to the individuals, farmers markets, and high-end restaurants in search of the healthiest food on the market.

In countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico, Ryan has spent time working as a volunteer in villages, primarily with groups who offer humanitarian and medical aide.

During a few of these experiences, Ryan has had the opportunity to undergo some 'in-the-field' training in dentistry.

-"I remember the first time, feeling a little nervous about working inside someone else's mouth, but the challenge is also a great experience,  and out there, it serves to lessen the sometimes overwhelming demands put on visiting doctors and dentists."

Through organizations like Haiti Medical Teams, and LIGA International, which utilizes pilots to voluntarily fly doctors to remote parts of the world, Ryan finds great joy in the work done for those in need.

Since 1990, through its efforts in the Peruvian Rainforest, the Amazon Herb Company has protected thousands of acres of land, given rights and property deeds back to the indigenous people, and shown the world that Sustainable Agriculture is the model for a healthy future, not just in this region, but worldwide.

Ryan shares great excitement about companies like this, that consistently show, both through their unparalleled products as well as their business practices, efforts of the highest integrity.

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A few years ago the Cousteau Society Film crew traveled back to the Amazon after 25 years to report on the changes there.  After finding out about the mission of the Amazon Herb Company, Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team spent 4 days traveling the Peruvian Rainforest interviewing the company's founder 'Amazon' John Easterling, and in the end, called the Amazon Herb Co. 'the strongest testament that keeping the forest alive and productive is more economically profitable than cutting it down.'